Siberut Jungle Trek

On Siberut, the largest island in the Mentawais lives an original culture with a unique way of life. The “Mentawai Shaman” tribe lives in wonderful symbiosis with nature in the equatorial rain forest. Visit the traditional villages of the Mentawaians and sample a way of life that has long disappeared in other parts of the word.

10 Days / 9 Night and 6 Days / 5 Nights Tour Package

Day by day of this unique experience will be filled with a variety of activities. This includes making loinclothes (kabit), sago tree processing, basket weaving, and bracelet making. You will also experience how to make the poison used for traditional weapons such as the arrows used for hunting monkeys (only for the special moments), and the spears used for hunting wild pigs. You will get to see them apply traditional tattoos. If there are important ceremonies happening you will also be able to trek with them into the rain forest for several hours to gather vegetables and plants.

6 Days / 5 Night Tour Packages
Day 1
Welcome in Padang. A guide will meet you at the airport and take you to the port of Padang to catch the island ferry in the afternoon or evening. If you arrive in the morning a comfortable hotel will be provided as transit.
Day 2
We arrive at the town of Muara Siberut in Siberut around 7am. Breakfast and a bath to freshen up after the overnight trip await. At around 10am we head upriver for 3 or 4 hours, deep into the jungle in a motorized canoe. We offload upriver and then trek for an hour or two to the first Mentawaian village.
Day 3/4
The accommodation is a traditonal Mentawaian clan long house (uma). The shaman usually stays in this house and you will be able to see the shamans’ (Sikerei) traditional implements. It is often possible to see a Mentawaian ceremony where the community gathers together to sing and dance in their traditional attire. The ceremonies will be held under the guidance and supervision of the Sikerei (“medicineman”)
Day 5
Our group treks for the day to Badrogot village. From here we take a motorized canoe back to Muara Siberut. We then catch the evening ferry back to the port of Padang.
Day 6
On arrival in Padang your transfer to the airport will be waiting. If your flight is in the afternoon we will arrange a hotel transit.

10 Days / 9 Night Tour Packages

Days 1 – 4 are same as previous package above (6D/5N)
Day 5
You will trek for 2 or 3 hours through the jungle to the next village where you can take a dip in the waterfall. Then we continue on to the traditional house (uma) of another clan where we stay overnight.
Days 6-7
You can observe and enjoy the traditional daily activities of the villagers such as hunting, fishing, gathering food and plants in the jungle. If there are any traditional ceremonies, you will be able to follow these as well.
Day 8
Two hours of trekking brings us to a riverside village. We will stay here overnight and if we are lucky, we can enjoy a fantastic sunset.
Day 9
We catch the motorized canoe back to Muara Siberut to catch the evening ferry to Padang which normally departs at 8pm.
Day 10
We arrive at the port where your airport transfer will be waiting or if you leave in the afternoon, we will arrange hotel transit.

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