Mentawai Cultural

Learn how to perform the traditional dance (animals,war dance and gratitude to nature)  and raditional ceremonies. Mentawai is one of the best place to conduct an Ethnographic study since its one of the oldest tribe in Indonesia.Mentawai Island tattoo is the oldest in the world which the materials are from the nature.



Some other activities are process the sago (Mentawaian daily food), staple food made from the sawdust of the tree,make bow and arrows and poison for it, If any ritual or something to celebrate they go hunting.The women usually go fishing in the river. Children will also be able to participate in those activities (fishing, hunting practice, roof making, etc.).

Mentawaian traditional dance have many different style of dances most of style are inspired by the animals (monkey, birds, snakes, etc) For your trip,our Mentawaian Guide will ask what of the dance style you would like to enjoy so the head of clan can suggest who should perform of the dance. Actually not just dance but you can request what other traditional activities you would like to see. This new source of income, supported by traditional living will promote cultural preservation.

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