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Siberut Jungle Trek

On Siberut, the largest island in the Mentawais lives an original culture with a unique way of life. The “Mentawai Shaman” tribe lives in wonderful symbiosis with nature in the equatorial rain forest. Visit the traditional villages of the Mentawaians and sample a way of life that has long disappeared in other parts of the …

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Mentawai Cultural

Learn how to perform the traditional dance (animals,war dance and gratitude to nature)  and raditional ceremonies. Mentawai is one of the best place to conduct an Ethnographic study since its one of the oldest tribe in Indonesia.Mentawai Island tattoo is the oldest in the world which the materials are from the nature.     Some other activities are process the sago …

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As the habitat for rare primate, the natural rain forest of Mentawai will be the perfect place for research or other educational purpose. Here, you can conduct research aboutSnub-nosed monkey/Simakobu (Simias concolor) monkey family eat leaf as primary food Joja or Lutung Mentawai (Presbytis potenziani) easily identified for the long tail, white face and black …

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